The Only Proven Marketing System, Automations, & Sales Process You Need To Launch Your Six Figure Coaching Business.

Stop Wasting Your Time and Energy On Coaches and Courses Who Don't Deliver. 
We Promise, We Deliver… Massively.

We Help Motivated & Driven Entrepreneurs Use Their Preexisting Knowledge & Skills To Launch a High Ticket Coaching Offer And Consistently Hit $20k Months Using Systematic Marketing.

Fabio's Amazing Transformation: 
Surpassed his monthly income in 48 hours after joining CBF!

Marisa's Amazing Transformation: 
From ZERO Social Media Following To Packed Out Program In Less Than 6 Weeks.

You Don't Need A Finished Product To Launch A Scalable Coaching Offer and Make $10k+ In Less Than 2 Weeks. 

Learn how we did $43,618 in revenue with ZERO product or back end offer
Learn the exact steps on how we did $171K revenue with an unfinished product
Learn the process our clients are using to make a consistent $5-$70k per month 
It’s time to stop going from course to course, coach to coach, book to book, trying to find results for your online business. Creative Brand Framework provides the exact digital business roadmap to help you streamline your $10k Launch and automate your business to make that consistently month after month. 
What You Will Learn

Build A Highly Engaged, Highly Profitable Community With Proven Growth Strategies

Grow your community by the hundreds every month and leverage the exact strategies our clients use to close out their coaching programs month after month and make between $5k -$80 per month.

Uncover Our Six Figure Strategy To Book Out Your Calendar With Qualified Leads.

Build an irresistible offer and learn how to put your offer in front of a hot market looking for your product and services. Learn the exact marketing systems and sales process that generates so many leads your calendar will be packed out with clients ready to say YES.

Develop an End to End Sales Process and Close Clients Month After Month So Your Transaction Sheet Looks Like This.

Implement our proven 6 figure sales framework so you can build your system to expect 15-20 highly qualified leads weekly and begin to build a hot engaged market for your brand. 

Raise your perceived value, build trust and authority and create a tribe of fans that turn into loyal customers so you can close deals like a PRO and watch your transaction sheet fly daily.

Automate The Backend Systems & Remove Yourself From Daily Operations 

Turn your digital business into an automated system for scaling. Learn about the automations and systems we used to grow and scale our startup, learn the process to onboard VA’s and delegate effectively, and build a team of like minded individuals. Learn to build, run & maintain streamlined operations. 
See The Behind  The Scenes Of Some Of Our Coaching Sessions

Our Three Pronged Approach

Coaching Calls 4x/ Week for 4 Month

Get Hands On Consulting From Business Experts
  • 4X A Week Live Coaching In The Private Mastermind Community
  • ​Two High Level Business Strategy Coaching Sessions With Brad, Nina and Jonathan
  • ​Direct Access To Ask Our Business Scaling Integrator About Tech, Systems, and Operations
  • ​Direct Coaching From our CMO For Offer Refinement, Client Acquisition and Messaging Scripts

Access to Entrepreneurial Community

Surround Yourself with 80+ High Quality Individuals
  • Asset Review / Community Questions: Post inside the Facebook Group, we have multiple team members and dozens of clients there to support you.
  • Accountability Groups: Be matched and paired with other clients inside of the CBF Mastermind based on your niche, skillset and direction to hold each other accountable as you build your business 
  • Network Building: Leverage the community's vast social network to raise your perceived value, add to your knowledge base and expand your reach across multiple niches/platforms 

Self Guided Learning

Access to our self-guided learning course on how to launch, automate, systematize and scale an online offer:
  • 15+ hours of content you can work through at your own pace
  • 20+ action items that will help you craft your marketing message, build your business strategy, properly conduct a sales call, gather client case studies and testimonials, and SO MUCH more.
  • Breakdown: Framework to get started in the right direction, Stepping into the entrepreneurial mindset, building the foundation to your scalable brand, Copywriting and resonating your message, Organic Outreach and Lead Nurture, High Ticket Phone Sales and Full Sales Process, Funnel Mastery and Optimization, Back End Automations and Integrations 

The Radical Transparent Approach

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the exact strategy CBF Consulting uses to lay the foundations before scaling, grow a high-value community, pack the calendar, systematize workflow and automate our marketing system. 

Take the guesswork out of starting/growing a business. We open the backdoors to CBF Consulting revealing the structure and strategy we’ve used to build our business. With a combined 8+ years of accumulated business knowledge, we lay out the entire strategy from foundations to scaling. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work tracking your progress at every step.

Meet The CBF Team

Brad Shildkrout, Co-founder, CEO

Director of Operations

Brad Shildkrout is Co-founder of CBF Consulting, also Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing and Sales Expert who specializes in back-end business systems, workflows, automation, and delegation. Launching his first business in 2019, Brad had transitioned into the coaching and consulting realm as of late 2020 seeing the need for transparency, encouraging failing forward and pushing for speed in the market. Brad has successfully brought four digital products to market and has spent over 1000+ hours taking sales calls. Alone, he has closed over $500K+ in deals for multiple high ticket digital products. Now he is on a mission to take all the knowledge, skills and training he's obtained through his years in business and bring it to entrepreneurs looking to build a long term, sustainable business and a life of freedom.

Nina Brennan, Co-founder, CMO

Director of Systematic Marketing

Nina is co-founder of CBF Consulting, also Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant and Business Strategist who specializes in market research, marketing psychology and management.
Launching her first business in late 2019 as a Mindset Coach, Nina quickly pivoted into the DFY space after realizing how psychology plays a major role in business messaging, positioning and strategic systems to move a business. 
After taking a business from $5k/month to a $40k+ month in less than 30 days, it was evident that the process and strategies she used needed to be released for more entrepreneurs in the online space. Brad and Nina joined forces in 2021 to bring a new wave of transparency to the market to help entrepreneurs make more of an impact while removing themselves from the repetitive tasks in business. Where speed meets intention… that’s the key to sustainability.

Jonathan Ploransky, IT Consultant

Business Scaling Architect

Jonathan Ploransky is the Business Scaling Architect at CBF Consulting, Entrepreneur, and Systems Coach. Launching his first business in early 2021, Jonathan quickly saw the opportunity to teach the exact steps that helped him automate his business in the marketing space. He saw the need for high quality automated systems as business scaled, and noticed the lack of clarity and direction in the online space as he grew in the field. He went on to effectively launch his own hybrid coaching business which entailed done for you / done with you services based around efficiency and effective testing.
Jonathan’s relentless approach to diagnosing the effective workflows in the market led him to develop the most cutting edge solution to streamline and scale an online service business.
With 15+ years in the automotive tech industry, Jonathan has become a leading expert in the field of developing internal systems to build and systematize workflows to optimize for efficiency and heavily leverages testing in order to maximize conversions and customer relations.
Joining the vision of CBF Consulting in early 2022, his mission aligns directly with both Cofounder's, to help entrepreneurs hit higher levels of success faster than they did by providing fully transparent feedback. 

What Makes Us Different?

Our Core Values Here At Creative Brand Framework

Radical Transparency 

No More Smoke And Mirrors In Business

Prioritize Mental & Physical Health of Internal Team
& Community Member

Optimized Life Equals Optimized Business


We Guarantee Your Success With Hard Work, Dedication and Discipline

If It Doesn't Drive Revenue Or Results, It Doesn't Matter

Perfect the 80/20 Rule Inside Your Business So You Can Make More While Working Less

And Also Our Case Studies

[Case Study] How Barb Went From New Offer To $116,000 In Revenue In 7 Months.

Barb Mcgowan: Personal Brand Coach

Niche: Business & Mindset Coaching

Result: From Idea To $7500 in 2 Days

Founder: Barb McGowan

Barb McGowan is a Personal Brand Coach based out of Fresno, California. With a background in sales, customer service, and teaching, Barb dove headfirst into entrepreneurship in early 2021. In a matter of months Barb was able to quit her job and put all her energy into her marketing and coaching business. 

After joining forces with Creative Brand Framework in July 2021, Barb had the idea of bringing a new twist to her business, focusing strongly on Women In Entrepreneurship. Helping women discover how to build a brand around their name, story and background having a strong launch and upward growth since.

The Process

Barb came to Creative Brand Framework with merely an idea of what her next direction was with business. After attending multiple coaching calls, we identified that Barb's business needed a direct strategy to bring an offer to market more clearly define her target market. With the new clarity Barb launched her first one on one offer in two days.

Barb ended up getting 14 booked appointments in her first 24 hours of going live and signing 5- four figure clients for a program that same day collecting $7500 for the month of coaching, AND having a waitlist for next month’s launch! 

Fast forward 7 months and Barb has reiterated her offer four times perfecting delivery for her clients and is well on her way to launching her high ticket digital product. Barb has doubled her price and practiced the theory to "Sell before you create" leading Barb to collect over $80,000 before launching her offer.

The Result

Barb’s business went from 0 to 5 clients in less than 4 weeks of coaching with CBF., from no offer to a scalable coaching offer after 4 months of iteration and 10+ testimonials, with raving clients.

She has done well over $100,000 Revenue and is projecting month over month growth for her business.

Now Barb has now focused on delivering results for her clients whilst using CBF's strategy, processes, messaging scripts, and proven outreach strategy to continue building new leads and solid community ecosystem for her business. She is expected to maintain at least $35,000 monthly revenue and continue to scale with speed.

Barb Mcgowan: Personal Brand Coach

Niche: Personal Brand Coaching

Result: New Offer To $116,000 In Revenue In 7 Months.

Founder: Barb McGowan

[Case Study] How Fabio 20x His Price & Made $7500 in 2 Weeks

Fabio Ourique: Social Media Coach

Niche: Social Media Growth Coach

Result: 20x His Monthly Income! $7500 in 2 Weeks!

Founder: Fabio Ourique

Fabio has been an online marketing coach for over a year struggling to solidify his offer and bring a high ticket product to market. Prior to working with CBF Consulting he ran a coaching offer charging $69 a month. His largest month working in the coaching space was between $2k and $2.5k in all the years of effort.

After joining forces with Creative Brand Framework in December 2021, Fabio had the idea of bringing a new angle to his business, focusing strongly on packaging all his knowledge of growing social media (8k+ on Youtube & 3k+ Facebook community) into a high ticket program. He is now focusing on helping his mastermind members with growing their social media and monetizing their following.

The Process

Within one week of joining the CBF program, Fabio launched an offer using the proven sales process we teach in our agency. He learned about the “7 hour rule” and proper positioning in the market; meaning and importance of putting out value in front of an audience seeking your exact offer. 

Once we narrowed down Fabio’s offer and who he was serving on a now one to one basis, and then building a launch offer, he was able to take her brand new coaching offer to market within 72 hours of joining the program.

In THREE DAYS, Fabio landed his first client and collected $1500 on the phone, more than 20x the amount of his previous offer. BTW...
This is with NO funnel, NO product built, and ZERO experience selling on phone.

The Results

In 2 weeks, Fabio’s business went from 0 to 5 clients, each being a high ticket close at $1500 each. From a low ticket offer, unscalable service to a scalable business after 2 weeks of refining and providing a ton of value to his new clients. Fabio has now focused on delivering results for his clients whilst using our strategy, processes, messaging scripts, and proven outreach strategy. Fabio is keen to OVER DELIVER to his clients so he can start building a system that sells itself, while MASSIVELY impacting those who join his program.

Fabio Ourique

Niche: Social Media Growth Coaching

Result: From Idea To $7500 in 2 Weeks

Founder: Fabio Ourique

[Case Study] How Eric Forner Went From $5K To $110,000 In 8 Months!

Eric Forner: Affiliate Markting Coach

Niche: Affiliate Marketing Coaching

Result: From $0 to $25k Months

Founder: Eric Forner
Eric Forner, a life-long blue collar construction worker, was dabbling in the online space as a scattered marketer and struggled to put all the pieces together to his online marketing business. After deciding to pull CBF Consulting Founder, Brad Shildkrout on as a coach, he worked his way up the chain becoming a top affiliate earner for a well established 8-Figure company. He caught the public's eye when he brought his authentic and vulnerable story to market on Tiktok and quickly caught attention as a marketer who’s here to help make a difference in the blue-collar world. 

The Process

After making an investment to work one-on-one with Brad, Eric learned the proper marketing strategy to implement to start pulling in high ticket sales for his affiliate offer.

This one-on-one investment radically pivoted Eric’s business moving forward as his desire to help people go from zero to hero grew massively. Eric decided to start offering FREE one-on-one coaching, using CBF’s motto: “over deliver to your clients and always provide massive value.”

Over time, Eric was able to structure his offer and build a back end digital product to supplement his group coaching program. With his expertise in sales and his story telling content strategy, Eric has been able to fill his group coaching every month since working with CBF. Hitting his first $25,000+ month, Eric crossed over the 6 figure mark in a little over 7 months into the Mastermind Program.

The Results

Eric has launched his very own high ticket digital product (course) to supplement his coaching to further aid his client success rate. He has been able to raise his price so he could be more selective as to who he works one on one with. Eric has made over $110,000 since joining the CBF Team 7 months ago, back in September 2021. He is projected to grow month after month.

Passive Income Blueprints

Niche: Affiliate Marketing Coaching

Result: From $0 To $25k Months

Founder: Eric Forner

[Case Study] How Alex & Trevor Went From $5,000 Months to $16,000 Weeks In Less Than 5 Months

Digital Business Accelerator: Trevor & Alex

Niche: Digital Marketing Agency

Result: From $5,000 Months to $16,000 Weeks

Founders: Trevor Gundrum and Alex Robinson
Alex Robinson and Trevor Gundrum stormed the internet in early 2021 winning the hearts and minds of many affiliate marketers looking to make money online, quit their jobs, drop out of school and hit recurring $10k months during a global pandemic. The two young entrepreneurs partnered in late 2021 after thinking about the long-term trajectory of where affiliate marketing would take them. Alex and Trevor used their preexisting knowledge of growing social media and building funnel systems to launch their very own business, Digital Business Accelerator. 

The Process

Within days of joining the CBF Consulting Mastermind Community, Brad worked one on one with the team to solidify their coaching program, find their hot target market, refine their messaging and copy, and launch with a first one on one offer. With all the pieces set in place and their prior knowledge of business, it led them to land their first high ticket client without even having brought their offer to the market transitioning into a very smooth launch.

After several refinements of their one on once and group coaching offer, the two young entrepreneurs have found themselves pivoting fully out of the affiliate marketing space and into the Creator Economy: helping online content creators launch their own online business. They have gone from one on one coaching to now building a proven and systematic three-teared program which includes coaching, community and a backend course. 

The DBA boys were able to raise their price, streamline their lead flow and hit their first $16,000 week in the first month of their latest launch.

The Results

The team at Digital Business Accelerator has grown past the two as they are leveraging outsourcing and delegation to scale their online coaching business. They have gathered a plethora of case studies and testimonials where they have been able to prove delivery in the market. The team is on their way to hitting their first $50,000 month in the short 5 months of working with the team at Creative Brand Framework.

Digital Business Accelerator

Niche: Digital Marketing Agency

Result: From $5,000 Months to $16,000 Weeks

Founder: Trevor Gundrum and Alex Robinson

[Case Study] How Anthony Went From ZERO to NINE Clients In 6 Weeks

Anthony Arfine: Marketing Coach

Niche: Marketing Coach

Result: ZERO to NINE Clients In 6 Weeks

Founders: Anthony Arfine
Anthony Arfine is a Young Marketer and Entrepreneur who is helping affiliate marketers create and grow online businesses leveraging social media and community. Before starting with Creative Brand Framework, Anthony was seeking ways to break into the online space using  affiliate marketing. After finding some success and making his first few sales online, Anthony knew he belonged in the coaching space where he could leverage his strong networking skills.

The Process

Within days of joining the CBF Consulting Mastermind Community, Anthony made himself known by networking his way throughout the community and offering value where he saw gaps in his market. With his work he was able to find a hot target market, refine his messaging and copy, and launch an offer in the first month working with CBF.  After walking through his launch strategy with The Team at Creative Brand Framework, and working his way through the sales training, Anthony's Calendar was loaded with strategy sessions. Anthony's new found skill in sales, taught by CBF's very own Brad Shildkrout, Anthony was able to close NINE seats to his first coaching cohort.

With strong entrepreneurial energy, and a growing following, Anthony was able to find a crucial hole in the market in which he's established his coaching offer around. 

The Results

Anthony was able to bring in his first four figures within the first month working with the CBF Team. He was able to prove the market and over deliver to his NINE clients which set the path forward for him to start developing a one on one / group coaching high ticket offer within the next month. Anthony has been able to set his trajectory to launch a high ticket digital product within a six month span if he continues to move with the speed and learnings from Creative Brand Framework.

Anthony Arfine

Niche: Digital Marketing Coaching

Result: From ZERO to NINE Clients In 6 Weeks

Founders: Anthony Arfine

Launch Your Digital Business And Scale With Speed... 

Don't take it from us...listen to what out clients are saying!

Here Are REAL Results From REAL Clients
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